Bill Monroe

People often ask me about Bill Monroe or make comments like "He was hard to get along with wasn't he?".

Well, he and I got along just fine. Riding in an automobile from town to town, city to city week after week with five  or six people could get on a lot of people's nerves but we seemed to do just fine.

We were playing somewhere in Arkansas one time and after the performance he wanted to drop everyone off at the hotel and then have me drive him to through the night to Hot Springs so he could be at the horse race track the next day.

Well, he is at the track and I am at the car trying to sleep, for I'm going to have to drive him back to pick up the other fellas and go play at a theatre.

Well, he stays at the track to the very last minute; I drive like crazy to get back to the hotel, pick up everybody, rush to the theatre maybe five minutes before showtime. So here I am, putting on my shirt and tie with two of the others, and all of a sudden we hear the mandolin and guitar on the stage, starting the show! On time!



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