Taliban Wins; Wounded Veterrans Lose

The Taliban Waltzs into the palace; President flees country

So, now they can go back to wife beating; raping little boys; public flogging of women and girls, etc., etc.

What must wounded veterans think of this?

And then, we're to…

Bayou Bluegrass

In 1961 I made two albums, one for Folk Lyric Records and one for Prestige International. Bayou Bluegrass went to Arhoolie in 1972 and then to Smithsonian Folkways in 2015.

Check out this link:


Jim Smoak Trio Rides Again!

Well now, that was fun! Going to Lexington and playing for about a hundred at the Marriott. They are all here for the Kentucky Derby.

Brian's guitar playing was great (singing too), and Rob never missed a beat on bass.


Bill Monroe

People often ask me about Bill Monroe or make comments like "He was hard to get along with wasn't he?".

Well, he and I got along just fine. Riding in an automobile from town to town, city to city week…


Kentucky Derby Dinner Music 

Jim Smoak Trio can furnish some Kentucky flavor at your Derby event in Louisville, Lexington or southern Indiana.


Jim Smoak at Indiana University

Bluegrass and Folk on First Thursday Event

Becky Sprinkle starts off this program on October first on an outdoor stage. Then comes the Jim Smoak Trio for the second half.


Christmas Open House at Depot Museum

Music At The Depot

Music at the Depot, usually the first Saturday in December, was cancelled in 2020 due to social distancing. We had calls from all over Indiana and Kentucky about Christmas Open House. 

The Depot will open in…


Snowy days in February

Snow on the ground keeping some of us Inside.

I walked to the end of my lane where it joins the highway, The snow plow had thrown quite a bit of snow on my exit. With the help of a…


Radio Interview WWOZ, New Orleans

There's the remainder of this week to listen to that radio interview I did on WWOZ New Orleans, Louisiana. They are playing songs I did with Bill Monroe in 1954. Then they include songs I did with Hylo Brown in…


Jim Smoak at Indiana Universary

Traditional Arts Performance In Bloomington

Jim Smoak Trio does outdoor show at IU, Bloomington with Brian Allen on guitar and Rob Whitmer on Bass Fiddle. You may find this on Facebook or YouTube.

This performance caught the attention of New…