The first pasenger train I ever rode was Southern Railway's "Carolina Special" from Knoxville, TN to St. George, SC. The train, airplane or bus was my way to my Carolina home as I lived in Nashville, TN traveling and working with Bill Monroe and Little Jimmy Dickens of the Grand Ole Opry. I've ridden on many trains since; Atlantic Coast Line; Illinois Central; Texas and Pacific; Kansas City Southern; Algoma Central and Amtrak
No ticket agent ever, as I recall, pointed me toward the C&WC (Charleston & Western Carolina RR). It's closest station was at Yamassee, SC (20 miles from home) where as St Gearge was 10 miles from home.


On the Charleston Western Carolina railroad, I'm going back home in my dreams;  Nothing in the southland could be finer,  than riding on your ribbons of steel.
Well I wandered far away; I did not mean to stay;  I've been gone too long;  On the Charleston Western Carolina railroad,  I'm on my way back home.