Jim Smoak - Smokin' Banjo

Jim Smoak started his career in Knoxville, Tennessee. He moved to Nashville to play with Bill Monroe on the Grand Ole Opry.

He did television shows for Martha White Flower with Hylo Brown and

The Timberliners.

He made recordings with Bill Monroe on Decca Records; with Hylo Brown on Capital Records, and with Arthur (guitar boogie) Smith on MGM Records.

Organized folk group, The Cumberlands with their own place of business, The Red Horse Inn in Louisiana.

He made first recording under his own name for Folk Lyric Records: Bayou Bluegrass—Jim Smoak & the Louisiana Honeydrippers, now at Smithsonian Folkways.

His other recordings areCarolina Boy—Jim Smoak; Orange Blossom Special—Jim Smoak and Smoak House Jam—Jim Smoak.

Jim Smoak at the Depot (compact disc) released December 3rd, 2022 at the Depot Museum in Salem , Indiana.