1. Leave It Alone

From the recording Leave It Alone

I've always wanted to write a song about "it." It what?  No! Not "it what"; just "It."  Oh, you mean "just it".  No!  only "I" "t"!  "It."
Why don't you leave "It" alone.


Leave it alone, don't mess around, You're walking in the wrong part of town; It'll pick you up then throw you down;  Why don't you leave it alone!
Come on in,  winner take all,  Settin' you up for a great big fall.  Turn around, don't heed that call;  Why don't you leave it alone!
Ridin' high,  you can fly,  fair weather friends all say.  Empty pockets,  friends all gone,  nothing but a rainy day!
Feelin' good,  that's not bad,  but gettin' hooked it's oh so sad;  Turn around before you've been had;  Why don't you leave it alone!