From the recording Pickin' In The Pokey

This is a real story. Mary Ann, was relating to us, the band, how that she'd been arrested on her third DUI charge. The judge had ordered her to jail for thirty days, but if she found someone to give her a job, she would be allowed to work the job and then spend the nights in jail.
I jokingly said, "I'm pickin in the pokey, a song for Mary Ann." She and all that heard it laughed. We all did our respective jobs and then, went home. (She to jail, of course).
I saw her again a few days later and she said, "Have you finished my song yet?"  I said, "What song?" She answered, "Pickin In The Pokey!"  (I had thought no more about it).
I said, "No."  But about a week later I sang it for her.  She was pleased.


Well, it ain't no jokey I'm pickin' in the pokey, a song for Mary Ann.  It may sound hokey but I'm pickin' in the pokey while the deputy's are holding hands.  Mary got woozy while drinkin' that boozy and now she's in the can;  So it ain't no jokey I'm pickin in the pokey, a song for Mary Ann.